Jalan Gasing’s Cafe 123 is a place of quirks and good coffee


Enjoy a good cuppa in peace at Café 123 along Jalan Gasing 

The first thing that caught our eye upon entering Café 123 was a signboard telling schoolchildren to stay out. It’s not the most welcoming thing to see, even for an adult. But kids still in their uniforms are known to throng Kanna Curry House just a few doors down at certain times of the day. 

In all fairness to the proprietors, the ambience they were going for works best without a side of screaming tweens. Parts of Café 123’s interior look like an antique shop, while some corners are decorated with graffiti and sarcastic quotes that complement the whole aesthetic surprisingly well. It’s a quirky space to have a cuppa in. Quaint too. 

Speaking of which, Café 123 delivers a competent caffeine fix for its RM10-RM15 price range. Its culinary offerings are worth a try too. The breakfast sandwich, which bundles all the things you like in a big breakfast into a sumptuous handheld meal, was particularly enjoyable. Their French toast may have failed to scale similar heights, but no eatery is without its misses. 

We might have been more adventurous with our orders if there was a conventional menu to choose from. Café 123 has all its offerings written on pieces of cardboard hung above its counter. It’s a creative interpretation of centralised menus practised by some established joints but visually sifting between food items can be a confusing affair. It’s not a deal breaker though. If you’re scouring the streets of Petaling Jaya in search of a relaxing place to spend a few weekend hours in, Café 123 is worth a shot. There’s plenty of parking too – if the lots in front of the shop are full, there’s a massive free carpark nearby. Just make sure you have a change of clothes if you plan to swing by after classes. 


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